Time Toad

by Time Toad

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Recorded over two years by Matt Blakeley and Chris Hasenauer in various studios and outside locations.


released August 1, 2015

Thanks to all our Supporters, Time Traveler's, and Tadpoles.




Time Toad Rochester, New York

Time Toad has been traveling time, space, and dimensional reality. Collecting and converting the wondrously fantastic inter- dimensional scenes into auditory form.

Their experiences have been influenced by the waves and frequencies of the Universe.

Matt plays "Synths, Dige, flute, and Piano.

Chris plucks strings and sings

Ben hits drums

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Track Name: Tadpole Festival
Eeeee yah! woo! Ya!
Track Name: Jellyfish Glitch
Track Name: Time Traveler's Blues
The Time Traveler's Blues
Journeyed Ten Billion Years
To the last Morning
The Last morning on Earth

Haven't seen my family
since the year of my birth

New born baby
time and space anomaly
brought me to the last morning on Earth

Enjoy the taste
of the feast as the sun
Enjoy the taste
of the feast as the sun
rises in the east.

A Great Time and place,
To reminisce. Earth you will be missed.
A Great
Time and Space


The last morning, the last morning on earth

The time traveler's blues
The time traveler's blues....
Track Name: Hidden Toad Creek
Track Name: Quantum Koala Bear
The Dimensional Eucalyptus tree has a seven Petaled leaf.

Quantum Koala Bear
Quantum Koala Bear
Quantum Koala Bear
Quantum Koala Bear

Each Petal harbors "Rem Alternis"

Track Name: Good Night Sunglasses
Track Name: Celestial Spinning Spheres
This Earth Below
Traverse the Throne
Arrive at home
A caste alone

but when we rise
the prize we find
is no surprise
no surprise

Celestial Spinning Spheres
Celestial Spinning Spheres
Time Transcending Space
Time Transcending Space

Celestial Spinning Spheres
Track Name: Guitar Glitch
Track Name: Ambient Amphibian
Track Name: Down By The Bayou
He fell in love with a Southern Belle
He loved her so, but his mind was hell
She had no soul, but she had one to sell
The devil's buying her way out of this town.

She made her plans with another man
meet him at night in the boggy sand
she reached out to grab his hand
looked in the eyes of the devil's plan.

Down by the Bayou

He followed 'em down to the river side
saw another man with his bride
love and devotion had been a lie
the subtle grin of the devil's smile

with crooked teeth and serpent's breath
he whispered thoughts of...what comes next?
tragic thoughts of a lover's death
more than one heart sinks tonight

Down by the Bayou
Where they saw you
Shrouded in a moonless night

Down by the Bayou
Where they saw you
Was his betrayal worth your life?

of a life
Track Name: Rabbit House in the Black Forest & (hidden track)
Deep within the black forest
Past the Rabbit House
Lies an enchanted Bayou
teeming with life
The glassy surface hides
the ambient amphibians
who watch careful over their tadpoles
to protect them from predators.